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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nexradix?™

Nexradix™ is a full featured operating system powered by GNU/Linux. More information can be found on our overview page.

How is Nexradix™ developed?

Because GNU/Linux operating systems are a compilation of software from a variety of sources, no one person or group develops everything. Some distributions are created by taking software from various sources and bundling it together, others are build on top of a base created by another existing distribution. Nexradix is developed by using a combination of both techniques. 

What is the release schedule for Nexradix™?

New released are provided on a "when they are ready" schedule, with new versions arriving typically every 8 to 9 months. 

What is Twisted Lincoln, Inc.'s policy in regards to trademarks?

As you may, or may not be aware, Trademark Law protects consumers by making sure they are aware of the true source of the goods they are using or purchasing. While we encourage the distribution of Nexradix™, it is necessary to place certain limitations on how you may do so when you are using our trademarked names and logos. A copy of the most current trademark policy is installed during the Nexradix™ installation process, and can be found as part of the "nexradix-trademarks" package. You can also read it online by clicking here: Trademark Policy

In short, if you are distributing verbatim copies of the official CD(s) as downloaded on this website, or are installing Nexradix™ on hardware without adding or changing anything from the default install, you can still advertise it as "Nexradix™". If you're planning anything else, you should read the full Trademark Policy or contact us before using the name or logos. 

Where can I buy copies of Nexradix™ on a physical disc?

Twisted Lincoln, Inc. sells physical copies of Nexradix™ via it's online store.  Click here to go directly to the Nexradix™ product page

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