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Nexradix™ is a full featured operating system designed to provide a rich, powerful desktop computing environment.  Powered by GNU/Linux, Nexradix™ is stable, secure, and versatile.


Free Software

Nexradix™ is, and always will be free as in freedom.  You are always free to use, copy, and distribute Nexradix™ for any reason you like -- even for commercial purposes or for profit.  We even make it easy to remove our trademarks and logos, allowing you to change and redistribute the software as something entirely new.  We strive to keep Nexradix™ as freely usable as possible by limiting the use of proprietary code to the absolute minimum.


Easy to Use

Nexradix™ was designed to be easy and intuitive for all users, even those who have never used a GNU/Linux distribution before.  Regardless of what kind of operating system you're used to, Nexradix™ will be comfortable and simple, without sacrificing features.  Unlike many GNU/Linux based systems, Nexradix™ is designed to allow you to do all common tasks via a graphical environment -- while you are always free to use the command line interface, we feel you shouldn't be required to do so.


Corporate Backed

Despite the fact that distribution and sale is encouraged, Nexradix™ is backed by Twisted Lincoln, Inc., a legally incorporated for-profit organization.  This provides users with the benefit of having a single point of contact for questions, feedback, and bug reports.  While we do not develop all of the software that makes up Nexradix™ directly, we do have direct control over what is included in our operating system, and what is not.  Since we have a direct monetary stake in making sure Nexradix™ only contains quality software, you'll never have to worry about your concerns being ignored.


Fewer Legal Worries

Since Nexradix™ is designed to be easy to use and distribute in a commercial environment, we strive to assure that all included software is fully compliant will all known copyright, trademark and patent laws.  While any software developer will tell you that no software can possibly be 100% free of all potential legal issues, the vast majority of violations can be easily avoided.  Unlike many other GNU/Linux based operating systems, we make it a point to audit the software we include to verify it can be legally redistributed, even for financial gain.  When you use or distribute Nexradix™, you won't have to do all the research, because we already have.



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